Deloitte feels healthcare spending will continue to increase at a rate of 5.4% until 2022, double that of the period between 2013-2017. To the med-tech, med device and life sciences sales teams out there, are you getting your unfair share of that increase?

As we continue to deal with an increasingly complex healthcare environment due to things like value based purchasing and a focus on accountable care, many reps are told that an incumbent solution is “clinically acceptable” and therefore not subject to change.

Change is hard. Change is complex. Our solution may represent significant change in an already tense environment with many competing strategic priorities. That’s why it is critical to articulate how your solution connects to specific hospital key performance indicators.

Ask yourself:

  • What are the external trends and internal pressures influencing my hospital’s focus, strategy and commitment to change?
  • Do I know what KPI’s are top of mind for my hospital’s leadership and department heads?
  • Can I connect how our solution directly or indirectly impacts those KPI’s?
  • How well can I articulate my value proposition within this entire context?

Answering these questions and having a strategy to fill in the gaps with knowledge of your customer, deliver tailored messaging and support your customer’s change journey from their perspective will help fight apathy and resistance to change in your accounts.

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