Coaching Hospital Sales Best Practices

Coaching Hospital Sales Best Practices

The managers we work with are working 60, 70 and sometimes 80 hours per week. There is nothing they would like more than to increase their coaching effectiveness–but how–there is no time left in the week! The don’t need more forms and reports–they need a focused, simple and efficient method of coaching their reps to performance.

The solution to the problem, from our perspective, is to focus on the most critical behaviors, activities and customer actions to move a sale forward. And this isn’t 752 competencies–it’s 3 or 4 key things, that done well (as your high performers do), the likelihood that a deal will close is exponentially higher.

By focusing on key actions, the time spent coaching is focused on helping the salesperson to identify the next action and then discussing the specific tactical plan for the action.

In this very practical session, managers will develop a 90-day coaching plan for their teams and individual performers based on healthcare sales best practices.

Managers will:

  • Learn the four critical sales behaviors for healthcare
  • Identify current gaps in their team in relation to these critical sales behaviors
  • Identify existing best practices in their team in relation to the best practice healthcare behaviors
  • Develop a 90-day performance coaching plan for their team and individual performers

Delivery Options:

1/2 Day
On-site Workshop

2 x 2 Hour
Virtual Workshops

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