Creating Consistent IDN and Facility
Messaging for Marketing

Creating Consistent IDN and Facility Messaging for Marketing

Finally, an opportunity to put Sales and Marketing in a room and develop messaging that resonates at both the Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) and facility level!

In short, the messages delivered at the field level between the vendor and key stakeholders in the facilities don’t always align to the larger strategic messaging that is being delivered at the IDN level.

Further, our customer Stakeholders are busy – really busy – and our messaging doesn’t always resonate well with the various people who have a stake in the benefits of our solutions.

Creating Consistent Messaging will help the team:

  • Identify key business issues, KPIs and messaging by Persona and by the four centers of power in healthcare that we call Spheres of Influence (Strategic, Clinical, Financial and Operational)
  • Gain access to and influence Stakeholders with whom the team is not well positioned or for whom the team has limited information

The team comes prepared with research they’ve completed on their buyers today and then through a series of facilitated workshops, participants will:

  • Focus on the most important and strategic Personas
  • Define the issues that are important to them
  • Think through how to communicate your company’s value proposition effectively, and
  • Determine/Identify how to gain access to them

Who should attend:

  • People in marketing responsible for supporting sales with collateral, events and campaigns
  • Sales team members that want to develop better messaging that resonates with various healthcare stakeholders and want to develop relationships and business with new stakeholders or strategic stakeholders with whom they aren’t well positioned today

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