Creating Opportunities in Competitive Accounts

Creating Opportunities in Competitive Accounts

The most challenging sales is the first one made to a new customer in a competitive account. They may or may not know you and your company and there is a lot of work involved to build trust and credibility just to get in the door.

It’s no surprise then, that we commonly hear that salespeople hate “prospecting” and managers tell us that getting their people into competitive accounts is one of their biggest challenges.

One of the biggest gaps we see is a lack of customer knowledge that fuels good messaging that results in appointments with new potential buyers.

Reps need to be able to map the capabilities of their solution back to specific people, their goals and how their performance is measured, all within the context of the goals and operations of the healthcare system or facility.

Once this is understood, strategies and tactics to get in the door come to life and make prospecting more effective, efficient and fun.

Creating Opportunities in Competitive Accounts Workshop will increase competitive account inroads as reps will create a defined action plan to access key people within the healthcare system to create opportunities.

Participants will:

  • Come prepared with research on a competitive account, this research identifies key people, business issues and trends that impact and motivate key people within the account
  • Learn healthcare sales best practices that are proven to generate change within competitive accounts
  • Develop an Entry Point Strategy that generates a meeting with a key stakeholder in the competitive account

Delivery Options:

1/2 Day
On-site Workshop

2 x 2 Hour
Virtual Workshops

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