Creating Value in a Clinically Acceptable World

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The way that hospitals and health systems acquire new technology has changed dramatically as the financial models for these systems have evolved.

Unfortunately, many companies find themselves living in a very product neutral world where phrases such as, “the FDA has approved all of these products, so they are all acceptable” “our focus is not necessarily the best product, but a product that is priced affordably and is clinically acceptable”.

In many cases, reducing the perceived and true value from your messaging is a standard negotiating tactic. However, more and more hospital selling organizations are finding that this is truly the world that they are experiencing.

In our experience, companies that thrive in this environment do several things very well:

  • Get in the account high and early—before the buying process has begun
  • They stay out of jail
  • They spend a great deal of energy understanding how their customers buy
  • They plan effectively and focus on excellence in execution
  • Essentially, they out-sell their competitor