Expanding in Existing Accounts

Expanding in Existing Accounts

Everyone knows that the easiest sale is the one made to someone who already knows you and your company–where the trust has been established. If that’s true-why don’t sales people focus on selling more to existing or selling to additional areas in the customer organization? Great question.

Here is what we find:

  1. The sales person thinks an account is “sold” when one person buys. We find this frequently in device and pharma–where one or two key physicians are using a product, but the rest are not, yet there is no plan for how to increase utilization through expanded indications or additional prescribers/users.
  2. The sales person is very comfortable in the department or facility where they have relationships and moving to another related facility is like “starting over”.

In order to overcome these barriers to expansion, we believe that a strategy should be developed to expand and grow the existing account. This may require different skills such as gaining access to administration or the IDN, engaging in a business dialogue and researching key people and possible entry strategies.

Expanding in Existing Accounts Workshop will help you:

  • Learn how your account positioning enables or does not enable expansion

  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Identify the Spheres of Influence you need to build support in to create more awareness and recognition of value

  • Identify the key stakeholders with whom they need to develop a relationship

  • Develop messaging that will resonate with those Stakeholders
  • Align your strategy to the goals, KPI’s, programs and initiatives of your hospital or health system, and

  • Develop a tactical plan to expand your relationships and generate new meetings

Participants will:

  • Come prepared with research on an existing account that identifies a whitespace analysis of existing business held today compared to opportunities for expansion, key people in these new areas, and the business issues and trends that impact and motivate these new stakeholders
  • Learn healthcare sales best practices that are proven to generate change within healthcare systems
  • Develop an action plan to generate a meeting with a new key stakeholder within the account

Delivery Options:

1/2 Day
On-site Workshop

2 x 2 Hour
Virtual Workshops

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