Funnel Clean-Up Workshop for Managers

Funnel Clean-Up Workshop for Managers

In this workshop we guide managers through leveraging the best practices of healthcare selling so they can best coach their reps on how to rapidly qualify opportunities in their funnel, validate their overall funnel health and define critical next actions on key deals.

Managers will learn how to ask and coach to the 5 questions they need to ask reps to help qualify key deals rapidly that helps develop greater funnel velocity and increases to team productivity immediately.

To achieve the best session experience, Managers need to come prepared to the workshop with a soft-copy or digital copy of their funnel. Working on their individual funnels, managers will practice coaching to greater funnel velocity and coaching how to enable reps to optimize their time and move deals forward.

This workshop is a companion to our reps Funnel Clean-Up Workshop.

Delivery Options:

1/2 Day
Live Workshop


2 x 2 Hour
Virtual Workshops