Healthcare Strategic Account Management

Healthcare Strategic Account Management is a set of curriculum for hospital sales reps that leverages our healthcare research and 25 years of working with healthcare clients.

Program courses can be modified to your environment and business objectives and delivered in both technology-enabled and traditional formats. For more detail on how we leverage sales enablement technology, please see our Selling to Hospitals Powered By MindTickle solution page.

The secret to our client’s success with this program is:

  • The focus on the critical behaviors that make hospital salespeople successful
  • The methodology we employ to help our clients achieve ROI
  • The modular nature of the curriculum that allows us to focus on your business outcomes; and
  • The technology we leverage to improve learning outcomes, help sales managers coach and measure results

“Simply the best! In my greater than 15 years’ experience as a trainer and training manager in Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Medical devices, I have never worked with a sales training company that is as customer focused and so intense in getting the best results as the professionals at HSP. Their long history of facilitation is evident as they understand the needs of their customers. This experience transcends into understanding the principles of adult learning and applying them during their facilitation of workshops.”

Steve Kaplan

Sales Training Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Account Management Overview

​The critical behaviors we focus on are found in the diagram below. For more detail, please see our whitepaper.

Best Practices

Unlike many training programs on the market, our approach is customizable and tailored to your environment.

That means we are able to connect strategic business objectives right through to the coaching and reinfocrement of the behaviors you need to impact in order to be successful.

Holistic Implementation

We know how to make training stick and get you the results you seek.​

That’s why we have developed an ecosystem of training, tools, support, resources and coaching to help integrate the learning into your business and culture.

Talk with us about how best to work with you and your team and learn more about how we can support you.

Below is a chart that outlines a best practice implementation:

MethodologyPreparationManager Training and Tool DevelopmentField Roll-OutCoaching and Sustainment
Selling to HospitalsProgram strategy

Module selection

GAP assessment

Implementation Plan
Program customization

Manager training

Manager coaching training
Managers coach during trainingSupport for behavioral coaching

Customize the Training Program

It’s critical to align any training to overall business objectives and sales strategy.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What business results do you want to accomplish?
  • What behaviors do you want to impact?
  • What Selling to Hospitals modules below might best align to what you need to achieve?

​Let’s chat and create the most impactful program and learning experience for you.

Flexible Implementation

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