How to Run a Team Sale
as a Strategic Account Manager

How to Run a Team Sale as a Strategic Account Manager

Many of our clients have implemented a strategic account management team to develop focused IDN based strategies. The challenge is that these account managers must operate as effective team leaders to truly drive IDN planning. This includes interacting with their cross-functional team members and importantly, the field sales organization. The strategic account manager may need to learn new skills to provide a framework for the team members to contribute in a way that benefits the overall strategy.

The advent of new technologies helps to facilitate virtual team meetings, but team productivity still needs to be measured by the advances made on opportunities and the improvement in customer relationships.

This workshop provides Strategic Account Managers an opportunity to increase mind-share, engagement and participation in strategy development with field sales.

So often, we see opportunity gaps in how Strategic Account Management is carried out. It comes down to simple techniques and best practices that can make a big difference in the overall success achieved, regardless of any particular sales methodology in place.

How to Run a Team Sale is a compact, practical workshop that has your Strategic Account Managers learn:

  • How to run a team meeting and develop a standard agenda
  • How to share their account strategy with the team
  • How to increase collaboration on opportunities, and
  • How to use effective communication methods

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