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You know you need to create common language and sales process and you’ve either tried training in the past that has not gone as well as you’d like, or perhaps you’re not even sure where to start.

We have some resources and ideas for you – read on.

Think of typical changes in healthcare, for instance:

  • a new piece of capital equipment in the OR
  • a technology implementation related to electronic
  • health records; or
  • a lean six sigma process optimization that involves
  • multiple departments like administration, nursing,
  • supply chain, etc.

For those who have been involved in the sale and implementation of these things, you know that the real effort and value in achieving a return on investment is in the implementation or post-sale work that is done by the team.

Not surprising then, recent research by CSO Insights into buyer behavior indicates that a very real focus on post-sale is exactly what modern buyers expect.

How we work with companies to achieve sales organizational change is no different. For over 25 years, we have assisted healthcare-related sales organizations implement change.

Specifically, we have dedicated immense effort into developing a specialty around helping clients leverage Miller Heiman sales methodology with their teams by focusing on more than just how the knowledge is transferred.

Miller Heiman methodologies provide common language and common processes that can help drive real behavior change and business results if you have an implementation that includes the right elements both before and after the transfer of knowledge.

Over many years, we have developed and landed on a best-practice framework that has helped yield great results for our clients:

The short version of our framework is that it starts with executive vision and commitment and ends with measurement and continuous improvement and includes the critical pieces in-between that ensure your initiative stays focused and moving towards your desired objectives.

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