Improve New Rep On-boarding

“Organizations who arm their reps with immediately-applicable resources that enable knowledge of their customers and good sales skill and strategy that enables the specific and customer-focused application of the organization’s value proposition outperform those who do not.”

Source: CSO Insights - 2016 Sales Best Practices Study

Top performing healthcare organizations are focused on improving time to productivity of new hires.

How often do we take non-clinical people and placing them in roles where they need to sell value to clinical people, while at the same time, build up the acumen and skill to engage with senior hospital and health system administrators?

It’s not surprising then, that our clients consistently communicate how challenging it is to bring new people on board and make them as productive as possible, as quickly as possible.

Consider the following insights related to new hire productivity:​

  • CSO’s are challenged with an average time to productivity of new reps of 9.2 months (Source: CSO Insights – Sales talent Study, 2018)
  • ​Many sales teams have upwards of 5 generations working together (Source: 5 Generations + 7 Values = Endless opportunities, SHRM)
  • ​CSO and sales managers are pressured to do more with less, while their tenure is declining on average (Source: CSO Insights Sales Manager Enablement Report, 2017)
  • ​Sales talent gaps continues to be a challenge for organizations (Source: CSO Insights Sales Talent Study, 2018**


Only 16% of sales leaders are confident they have the talent needed to succeed in the future. **

Source: CSO Insights Sales Talent Study, 2018


New Rep On-boarding

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