Influence the Hospital Buying Process


Apathy to Action Whitepaper

For an in-depth look at our perspective on the current healthcare selling environment, check out our whitepaper, “Apathy to Action”.

Statistically, we know that there are more people involved in the buying process than ever before:

World-Class Sales Practices Study

Number of Stakeholders Involved in Buying Process on Customer’s Side

Source: 2017 CSO Insights World-Class Sales Practices Study

Now imagine taking this general trend and apply it in healthcare and life sciences, where investment decisions have a direct impact on patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Generic sales training does not address the complexity and specificity of the Hospital Buying Process, nor does it prepare sales reps with the tools necessary to be effective in the age of declining reimbursement, value-based purchasing and increasing regulatory requirements.

The solution can vary depending on desired business outcome and current state with respect to skill development, sales process maturity, customer relationships, operational capability and so on.

Generally speaking, our approach is to tailor a solution around your specific objectives by:

  • Understanding your customer’s buying process
  • Developing or aligning your sales process to your customer’s buying process
  • Tailoring your messaging to your customer’s buying process
  • Creating or modifying marketing and sales resources to support and enable the influence of the Stakeholders of the buying process at each stage

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