How to Run a Team Sale as a Strategic Account Manager – 2 Hour Virtual Workshop


In this 2-hour conference call, you will learn real and practical tools to help you run team sales more effectively as a strategic account manager.


Get ready for a fast-paced and productive 2-hour session where we walk you through several best practices we’ve developed, experienced and collected over 25-years of working in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

If you need to drive more engagement, mindshare, better strategy and execution with your immediate team, with the field and with senior management, then this is an excellent investment for you.

The conference call will teach you the 10 best practices that you can apply immediately in your day to day activities.

Participants will learn:

  • How to run a team meeting and develop a standard agenda
  • How to share their account strategy with the team
  • How to increase collaboration on opportunities, and
  • How to use effective communication methods

Upon purchase, you will:

  • Be provided an invoice via email
  • Be given a link to book your 2 hour virtual session
  • Be given instructions on how to prepare for your session
  • Be provided contact information to a coach, where you can ask any questions – we’re here to help!