Funnel Clean-Up Workshop for Managers – 2 x 2 Hour Virtual Workshops


Are you finding inconsistency in the quality of deals in your funnel? Are deals in places they shouldn’t be? Are you finding it difficult to create accurate forecasts when things like final approver, budget and the healthcare decision-making process aren’t understood well? If yes, then this direct, tactical approach to scrubbing opportunities and running funnel reviews will provide you more clarity and a consistent approach to funnel reviews and developing forecasts.

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Funnel Clean-Up Workshop for Managers provides Managers of healthcare and life sciences sales teams a set of strategies and tactics unique to their industry that will simplify funnel reviews, create more funnel velocity and help develop more accurate forecasts.

Participants will:

  • Come prepared with a digital copy of their funnel
  • Learn the top 6 questions that you need to ask on each important deal
  • Learn the importance of funnel balance and how to decode and fix behaviors that create variability and inconsistency in the pipeline
  • Learn the value of focusing on the customer’s buying process as a way of defining how ready and willing they are to buy

Upon purchase, you will:

  • Be provided an invoice via email
  • Be given a link to book your first 2 hour virtual session
  • Be given instructions on how to prepare for your session
  • Be provided contact information to a coach, where you can ask any questions – we’re here to help!