Expanding in Existing Accounts – 2 x 2 Hour Virtual Workshops


Do you feel like you are stuck in purchasing or only have strong clinical relationships that seem to make it tough to cross-selling and up-sell? Wondering how to gain access to more strategic stakeholders and contacts within different functional areas of the hospital or health system? If so, then Expanding in Existing Accounts is a great opportunity for you to develop new strategies to expand your relationships and generate more business in your existing accounts.

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The Expanding in Existing Accounts workshop will help you:

  • Learn how your account positioning enables or does not enable expansion
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Identify the Spheres of Influence you need to build support in to create more awareness and recognition of value
  • Identify the key stakeholders with whom they need to develop a relationship
  • Develop messaging that will resonate with those Stakeholders
  • Align your strategy to the goals, KPI’s, programs and initiatives of your hospital or health system, and
  • Develop a tactical plan to expand your relationships and generate new meetings

Participants will:

  • Come prepared with research on a competitive account, this research identifies key people, business issues and trends that impact and motivate key people within the account
  • Learn healthcare sales best practices that are proven to generate change within competitive accounts
  • Develop an Entry Point Strategy that generates a meeting with a key stakeholder in the competitive account

Upon purchase, you will:

  • Be provided an invoice via email
  • Be given a link to book your first 2 hour virtual session
  • Be given instructions on how to prepare for your session
  • Be provided contact information to a coach, where you can ask any questions – we’re here to help!