Sales Process Development and Coaching


To help sales managers focus their coaching energy on the activities and behaviors necessary to move a sale forward (advances) based on best practices actions of high performers.


  • Sales managers don’t have enough time to coach minor details
  • They often focus on the tool and activity verses advances
  • They have too little time in the field and need to be able to coach remotely and efficiently
  • Many managers have not been prepared to coach and “take-over” deals and customer actions rather than developing their people

What is it?

  • Sales leadership interviews to develop macro level stages and critical behaviors
  • One-day sales process development or improvement workshop
  • One-day Scorecard development
  • Sale process documentation
  • Sales manager training on the sales process
  • Sales manager training on the coaching process based on advances, days in stage
  • Sales representative training on the sales process and critical behavior
  • Manager coaching meetings to evaluate effectiveness and progress of coaching


  • Sales process job aid
  • Sales process coaching tool
  • Collaboration, as necessary, with CRM admin to incorporate into reporting
  • Scorecard

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