Supporting the Healthcare Buying Process


Apathy to Action Whitepaper

For an in-depth look at our perspective on the current healthcare selling environment, check out our whitepaper, “Apathy to Action”.

Supporting the Healthcare Buying Process

Supporting the Healthcare Buying Process Workshop provides participants a clearer understanding of how their customer buy and how to align their sales process to the customers buying style, all to ensure velocity and reduce friction.


The healthcare buying process can be very complex and reps aren’t always sure which critical actions would help advance the customer’s buying process.

If that sounds familiar, you aren’t alone.

According to CSO Insights, the number of people involved in the buying process continues to increase:

World-Class Sales Practices Study

Number of Stakeholders Involved in Buying Process on Customer’s Side

Source: 2017 CSO Insights World-Class Sales Practices Study

Add in the complexity of health systems, the balance of clinical and economic outcomes and regulatory compliance and it’s no wonder reps feel lost.

During Supporting the Healthcare Buying Process Workshop, reps will:

  • Gather information on their customer’s buying process prior to the workshop
  • As a team come to a consensus on what the buying process is and identify:
      –  The key messages that need to be delivered
      –  The key questions that need to be asked, and
      –  The critical customer and rep actions that advance the sale

Reps will walk away with a better understanding of how to align their actions to the healthcare buying process with the goal of increasing velocity and reducing friction.

Also, you can use the data output from this session to:

  • Develop or update your sales process
  • Work with marketing to create or update collateral

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