Tailored Messaging

Create more unity between sales and marketing.

Develop personas that serve both teams and unify the lead generation to sales process by aligning it to the customer buying process.


The foundation of this approach rests on 25 years of research and working with organizations in healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

Start with collecting the right information about your customer profiles – data that will provide actionable information to the sales teams.

We professionally interview your customers and non-customers and identify:

  • Their buying process
  • The role they play
  • The criteria they evaluate; and
  • Their requirements for advancing their buying process

We then collaborate with you on a well-designed, but simple sales process that aligns to how your customer buys. This sales process identifies the critical actions, key stakeholders and tailored messaging at each stage of your customer’s buying process.

The deliverables can vary, but the result is tailored messaging aligned to a legitimate selling process that generates customer interest and more consistent sale advances.

The personas generated during the process provide valuable insight to marketing to help create tools, support and advertising that is actionable in the field and is grounded in customer insight.