Healthcare Strategic Account
Management Powered by MindTickle!

For over 25 years, Healthcare Sales Performance has created and implemented sales training in the healthcare and life sciences industries. During this time we have listened to our clients who have consistently expressed challenges with:

  • Identifying the skills and behaviors that need to be changed, and
  • Executing change management or implementation that ensures good knowledge transfer, manager coaching and reinforcement

This is why we have partnered with sales enablement technology leader MindTickle to develop a specific industry solution to address both issues in the most impactful and cost effective manner.

Below is a brief summary of the trends and best practices that form our solution:

Trends & Best Practices

Focus on the right behaviours


Read more about the Hospital Salespeople best practices from our Apathy to Action whitepaper.

Leverage the right technology

How we engage

DiscoveryPlanning & DevelopmentExecution
Business Objectives

Training and Enablement

Critical Behaviors and Best Practices

Coaching Environment

Sales Enablement Technology
Cultural adoption & change management

Module selection and customization

Coaching, reinforcement and sustainment

Technology requirements
User training


Technical and program support

Business reviews

Program adjustment

Content development

Choose Your Healthcare Strategic Account Management Modules

Onboard quickly

Reps onboard into an efficient, customized and self-paced onboarding and training process.

HSP and MindTickle tailor the modules to each client’s requirements.

Learn on your phone

We’ve modularized and mobilized Selling to Hospitals so your reps can get the learning they need, when they need it and while they are on the go!

Coach on the fly

Our managers are busy and on the move!

Managers use their mobile phones to enable coaching conversations when and where they need to happen.

Pre-defined coaching forms, with support resources for managers are ready-to-go when you turn on the platform.

Leverage video role plays

Many of our clients span geographies and need ways of coaching their team remotely.

Video role plays are a great way to engage a disperse team, collect best practices and measure coachable behaviors!

We have incorporated video role plays into Selling to Hospitals that you can leverage!

Measure critical behaviors

Now with the combined power of Selling to Hospitals and MindTickle, we can define, train, coach and measure the critical behaviors that we know make hospital sales reps effective!

Track progress of your best practices over time, adjust and correct rapidly.

Coach to performance

Find out what behaviors, training and coaching equate to increased performance by using our pre-built dashboard that you can integrate into, or work with us to develop something custom for your environment.

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